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Spiritual Magnetism

For weeks I have been talking about taking a vacation. I am an essential employee so while most of the world was home, safely watching Netflix during quarantine, I was in the hospital working harder than ever. The idea came to me to contact some friends that moved to Phoenix in May. It’s nice and hot there in October and I have been feeling drawn to Sedona so this seemed like a great opportunity to go. I had no desire to see Sedona a few years ago and as time goes on I kept hearing things and it peaked my interest, it’s funny how the universe works. A friend of mine brought me a red rock from Sedona a few years ago and I had no interest at that time and I have no idea where the rock went. Sedona just wasn’t important to me, until it was. I recently started watching Aaron Doughty on Instagram and YouTube and he lives in Sedona and talks about it in many of his videos. I appreciate that the universe knows me well enough to know that I need ideas gradually introduced to me so that I won’t reject them completely. I texted my friend and she said I should come. I bought my ticket three days later for three weeks out. A few short text messages later and we were hugging in the Phoenix Airport. I grabbed my suitcase and we drove straight to Sedona. It was magical.

We spent 24 hours in Sedona and visited all of the right places. It’s a beautiful place and from a spiritual perspective it recharged my battery on so many levels. Our first stop was Bell Rock. When we climbed up I noticed that there were several people on the Rock so we settled into a low spot and I moved away from my friends to find a quiet place to sit and meditate. I found the spot that seemed to call out to me and I got comfortable. When I closed my eyes and went within, everything around me got very quiet, I could no longer hear any voices at all. It was so quiet, I could only hear the sounds of nature and I could hear the energy vibrating around me. I can’t really adequately describe what the energy sounded like but it was intense. During my meditation I was urged to open my eyes, I never open my eyes when I meditate but I couldn’t resist. I opened my eyes and let them hang open softly, I could see the red rocks out in front of me, I was surrounded by them. There was such an incredible landscape around me, the plant life and the sounds of the birds chirping. I felt connected to everything. It was invigorating. When I arose from my seated position and went to my friend Jeanna, she wrapped her arms around me and we both cried. It was truly overwhelming.

The connection that I have with my friends that I visited is almost tangible. The irony is that I have known them for so many years but it’s only been in the last couple of years that this connection was revealed to us. The Universe, God, the Great Spirit, or whatever you want to call it has this way of bringing people to us. Sometimes, like in the case of these two beautiful souls, the people are in your periphery, their stories are playing out simultaneously. They were not in proximity to my story playing out so I would only see them occasionally and we were only acquaintances. That all changed when on separate occasions, I heard each of them share their life experiences and I felt a very strong, soulful attraction. I needed to hear more, it was like spiritual magnetism. I never had any connection to them in all the years prior but here we are…

I have some processing to do about this trip. There was so much connection with nature, the land, and the people that it will take some time to glean all of the gifts and messages that I received. I know that this journey West has provided me with many awarenesses that will serve to propel me forward on this path of discovery.

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