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Hi! I.'m Amy.

Welcome to Understanding Ego. I’m Amy Merson. I help professional women like you step into the best version of yourself through my private coaching program and ego assessment sessions.

You're in the right place if you're...

Suddenly aware you’re in a negative pattern.

Feeling a sense

of restless dissatisfaction.

Sure there’s “more” —- but what is more?

Don’t feel bad you’re not totally blissed out about your life. It doesn’t make you ungrateful —- it just means you haven’t taken the time to stop and get clarity about what you want to do now.

That's exactly why you're here...


Why I Do This Work

I realized after enduring a series of broken and very painful relationships that my ego mind was keeping me in a pattern that always ended in the most familiar pain. 


Once I became aware of the pattern, I was able to evaluate the source and understand the process that got me in that suffocating pattern. Through this awareness, I was able to break that pattern by acknowledging the red flags (instead of ignoring them) and making empowered decisions that were for my highest good instead of for my highest detriment.


My WHY is to make sure no other woman is tricked, screwed or bullied by their Ego.  That’s why I help women to become aware of the role of ego in their life so they can develop a new relationship with their egoic mind, and change the things that are no longer working for them in a lasting and healthy way.


Amy Merson is a certified NLP practitioner and holds a degree in Counseling, specializing in Substance Use Disorder. A recovering addict herself, Amy knows first hand the mental and emotional journey one takes on the way out of addiction.  In her 17 years helping women rebuild or reconstruct their lives, Amy has realized that understanding how to tame the Ego is the missing link to full recovery and healing.  She has created this approach, Understanding Ego, to help others to go beyond the ego and step into their personal power. Amy is also an Entrepreneur and has extensive Corporate training and management experience.

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